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News Details:
Headline : Argentina : The Belgrano Cargas railway recovers a historic branch in the north of the country
Summary : The Belgrano Cargas train will recover a historic branch in the north of the country, after an interruption of three decades, with the construction of a stretch of 120 kilometers between Salta, Tucuman and Santiago del Estero that will transport around 2 million tons of grains , corn and soybeans to export ports, in Santa Fe, with a significant reduction in logistics costs. Argentine Trains Infrastructure, a body under the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation, began work in Antilla, in the Salta department of Rosario de la Frontera, which will help strengthen and develop the economy of the area, as well as generate more employment.

In total, the 120 kilometers of new roads of that branch, called C8, will cross the south of Salta, north of Tucumn and west of Santiago del Estero. In this way, a solution will be provided to regional producers, who will have a more economical and efficient logistics alternative to the truck, at the same time reducing traffic on routes and environmental pollution. ldquo; Lowering logistics costs is a priority and commitment of President Macri, and for that we are recovering the freight railroad, abandoned for many decades, "said Transportation Minister Guillermo Dietrich.

He added that "with this historic renovation of roads that was not made in a century, plus the new rolling stock, we will be able to connect more and more regional producers with local industries and with the world." In addition, new heavier rails are being laid on sturdy concrete sleepers, with new fixings and ballast stone. Thanks to this modernization, more cargo can be transported in less time.

These works, for which the national government is investing some 3000 million pesos, are added to the nearly 700 kilometers completed and more than 400 under construction of Belgrano Cargas, out of a total that exceeds 1,800 kilometers of recovered roads. The impact of the recovery of Belgrano Cargas infrastructure, together with the incorporation of new rolling stock and improvements in management and technology, has already produced the first positive effects.

Currently, the 1180-kilometer stretch from Joaqun V. Gonzlez, in Salta, to Timbes, in the Gran Rosario, was reduced to seven days, against the 15 that it took in 2015, and will reach three by the end of 2020. During last March, the Belgrano Cargas railroad managed to transport 177,548 tons, almost four times more (+271 percent) of what it was transporting in the same month of 2015, when 47,890 tons were dispatched.

This mark in turn is the largest of the last 26 years, when the registries in the National Commission of Regulation of the Transport (CNRT) began. The recovery of the Belgrano Cargas is part of a total investment of 8800 million dollars in the rail freight system throughout the country, under the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation, to renew a total of 9,850 kilometers of roads, generating 70,000 jobs direct.

In turn, it is part of the Belgrano Plan, a comprehensive program of social, productive and infrastructure development geared to growth and equal conditions and opportunities to repair the historical debt with the provinces of northern Argentina. In terms of transport, in addition to railway works, there will be a heavy investment in airports, safe routes and highways, which will improve the integration of the region with the rest of the country and the world.