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News Details:
Headline : Australia : Palaszczuk Government welcomes $244 mill NQ transport pledge
Summary : The Palaszczuk Government has welcomed Federal Labors $244 million funding commitment for two of North Queenslands vital transport corridors.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the $100 million pledge to boost the Mt Isa to Townsville rail corridor and $144 million pledge for the final stage of the Townsville Ring Road shows Federal Labor knows how important these transport infrastructure supply chains are for supporting jobs in North and North West Queensland and the regions economy.

The Palaszczuk Government is already investing more than $380 million in the Mt Isa line over the next five years, and Bill Shortens pledge will help to increase the lines efficiency and capacity, and will also help better protect it in times of severe weather, Mr Bailey said.

Travelling more than 1,000km, the Mount Isa rail line is a crucial link for the regions mineral, metals, cattle and freight industries.

The Mount Isa Line plays a critical role connecting our regions industries and communities, including the growing commodities sector.

Queensland is a proven world-class minerals producer and exporter, and demand for rare minerals in the North West will increase, with battery storage playing an increasing role in our renewable energy future, and the EV boom ahead.

The $100 million pledged by Federal Labor will go a long way to ensuring this corridor from the minerals province to one of Australias largest ports at Townsville is better equipped to deal with severe weather.

Weve seen the impact floods can have on the rail line and our industries, with this years monsoonal rain event seeing more than 400 Queensland Rail staff and contractors working more than 160,000 hours over the past 10 weeks to help get the line back up and running for this Monday.

Mr Bailey said Federal Labors commitment to fund the last stage of the Townsville Ring Road will unlock a critical upgrade for the Townsville region and ensure the Bruce Highway is built to a four-lane standard along a 36km stretch.

The Bruce Highway through Townsville connects locals with jobs, and helps drive our freight and tourism industries.

The funding pledge made by Bill Shorten and Federal Labor to the line, ring road and other much-needed Townsville projects like the Port of Townsville channel widening and Reef HQ shows its serious about supporting North Queensland jobs, families and industries.

Under the Palaszczuk Government, more than 192,000 have jobs been created for Queensland, and Federal Labors announcement will help to drive even more jobs for North Queenslanders.