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News Details:
Headline : Canada : BigRoad Freights ELD Load-Matching Platform Adds a New Service for Fleets
Summary : BigRoad Freight was first in the industry to incorporate personalized hours-of-service metrics to match loads for owner-operators. To date, BigRoad Freights pioneering platform has helped long-haul drivers complete thousands of shipments worth millions of dollars, continuing to onboard hundreds of additional shippers on a monthly basis.

This April, BigRoad Freight is about to get a lot bigger. The telematics-powered and AI-based service of BigRoad is expanding its immensely successful initial program for owner-operators to fleets, enabling dispatchers to better manage load assignments and avoid dead-head miles. We experienced tremendous uptake of BigRoad Freight with owner-operators, and now we are scaling this innovative service to fleets, noted Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete, the owner of BigRoad.

BigRoad Freight uses AI-based algorithms to match the right shipment with the right driver at the right time. Armed with data on driver preferences, hours of service (HOS), equipment type, and a multitude of other telematics-based data points, BigRoad Freight sends personalized notifications to owner-operators that list curated load opportunities to help reduce empty miles driven and generate additional revenue. The initial niche focus helped BigRoad fine-tune and perfect their platform that is now being extended to fleets.

The app kept finding me better freight than I could find myself it made a huge difference, said Ken Liburd, one of the drivers, using the service. I didnt think it was possible, but Ive been able to cut my deadhead. Theyre matching me to good-paying loads closer to my drops. Im impressed, comments Rod S., owner-operator. Their customer service is great. The team really listens and takes the time to help me find the loads I want, George M., owner-operator.

BigRoad Freight application synchronizes with the BigRoad ELD data and enables users to search shipments, post their trucks, and view a curated list of loads. This capability will now be available to dispatchers, helping find shipments fast and allocate loads to the drivers in their fleet. Pricing information will be visible to dispatchers in fleet mode.

Grant Cleland, Director of Sales at Fleet Complete, explained further: Were now analyzing shipment opportunities and optimizing them on a fleet basis, not just a driver basis. Were sending loads en masse and working to become a better technology partner in all aspects of our customers businesses. This puts more opportunities in the hands of our customers, as well as a more effective tool to capitalize on these opportunities. BigRoad will continue to offer additional services, now providing more than 30,000 shipments every day, and offering inexpensive, rapid payment solutions that ensure carriers never deal with the hassle of collections.