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Headline : Oman : To Build a National Skills System in the Logistics Sector
Summary : The Oman Logistics Center (ASIS), a unit of the ASIAN Group for the Implementation of Logistics Strategy 2040, in cooperation with the Ministry of Manpower, represented by the Professional Standards Center and the National Training Fund, completed the project of developing national professional standards for the sector through organizing a series of technical workshops with the participation of technical experts from specialized companies The private sector and specialists from educational and training institutions over a period of three days, during which the discussion and preparation of the preliminary draft of the national standards in the field of warehouse management, and the development of logistics operations, trade and market development.

The work mechanism was based on the work of the technical team supervising the development of standards in the previous period by conducting field visits to the various work sites in the logistics sector in the Sultanate during the initial stage of the project in order to identify the working environment closely and to identify the challenges and requirements of work and take the views of workers and experts in these professions and benefit Including in the process of developing national standards.

Dr. Mohammed bin Mustafa Al Najjar, Director of the Professional Standards Center at the Ministry of Manpower, said that the center works closely with private and public institutions to develop a new package of national professional standards to develop the skills and abilities of workers in different professions in the Omani labor market. The move comes in response to the implementation of the National Program for Economic Diversification (NDP) to establish a sustainable system for the development, management, modernization and implementation of professional standards, which is one of the initiatives of the labor market and employment.

He explained that this cooperation with the logistics sector will extend to the use of these standards in the design of qualifications, and the development of vocational training programs offered in professional colleges and training institutions to suit the requirements of the operating entities, where will form technical teams from different agencies to follow the application of these professional standards.

On the importance of the program, Mr. Ibrahim bin Saif Al Bakri, Director of the Human Capital Program, said that the development of these standards aims to meet the needs of the logistics sector by improving the training and education programs in the logistics disciplines, as professional standards are one of the main pillars of The development of such programs, therefore, the use of (Skills for Logistics) British specialized international to provide the necessary expertise in the completion of this project with the desired quality.

He added that this program comes in the context of building the first package of national professional standards for the logistics sector, to be followed by the second package based on the needs of the labor market to be completed after all the procedures required for the official adoption of these standards by the Center for Professional Standards in accordance with the procedures adopted and applicable.