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Headline : Uruguay : Terzaghi affirms that ANP will invest in the port of Fray Bentos
Summary : After the meeting that, at the request of the port workers, maintained leaders of the SUPRA (Single Port Union and Associated Branches) with the Mayor Oscar Terzaghi, the protagonists offered a press conference in which they reported on the topics discussed. Support for the proposed amendment to the provisions of article 116 of Law No. 19,535 regarding the employment stability of port workers and clarifications regarding state investments in the local port.

The Mayor declared his total "support in all its terms to the claim of the workers" and expressed to share the concern of the same. Also, and in reference to the erroneous interpretations resulting from the recent statements of the Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Enzo Benech, who stated that his portfolio would not invest in the port of Fray Bentos, Terzaghi clarified that the hierarch had not alluded to the State in its affirmations but exclusively to its portfolio, and asserted that it is the ANP (National Administration of Ports) "the one that always said that it was willing to invest".

Terzaghi argues that the IRN, as a promoter and member of the CODELOG (Rio Negro Logistics Development Committee), should ensure port development and said: "In fact we are doing it in what has to do with the logistics of arrival at our port, with the infrastructure of the port and also with the most important part ... the worker " , whom he defined as " the fundamental tool to put into operation and reactivate our port". The Mayor said that the workers have already reached an agreement in which employers and the Executive Power are represented, and expressed their adhesion to the union demand by expressing their request "to the political power, through the parliament, to process it quickly, without more extensions."

The SUPRA proposes certain differences in terms of the minimum monthly wage to be received by workers in the interior compared to those in Montevideo. The proposal includes a scale to be applied for the calls and their corresponding payment. Thus, those who agree to work and perform a minimum of 5 calls will be paid the wages actually worked and will be guaranteed entry to FONASA. Those who work a number greater than 5 and less than nine calls, will receive a minimum of 9 daily wages; and who perform in the month a number greater than 9 calls, will be charged a minimum of 13 days in that month.

Regarding the necessary investments required by the maritime terminal, the hierarch reported that the position of the National Government "is to maintain sovereignty over the port area and make concessions on its management" . However, the ANP has shown interest in the port reactivation and "is the one that always said that it was willing to invest," said Terzaghi, and recalled that in the face of complaints from residents of the port for the inconvenience caused by noise and noise. volatility of the dust that spreads in the air as a result of the operation of loads, the ANP assumed the costs of the works necessary to mitigate the situation. The hierarch explained that then a delegation of technicians from ANP and DINAMA determined that"The issue of noise does not need too much investment, the issue of dust ... it is not fixed with modifications to what is there and requires new technologies and that implies a higher cost than what was supposed" . Terzaghi said that the ANP, once internalized of the real dimension of the problem, determines its intention to invest and "requested quotes on this new technology to mitigate the dust problem".

Terzaghi informed that, in a telephone communication established yesterday with the president of the agency, Alberto Daz, the port chief informed him that the request for quotations was already made and that he is waiting for the response to them.

Finally, the ANP leadership thanked the Mayor for his support and demanded that "ANP and the Ministry of Transportation regulate or manage the business of the silos of the port of Fray Bentos."