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Headline : Cape Verde : SPTMII contract signature: The important thing is to guarantee the unification of the national market. "We arrived in good port" Minister Jose Goncalves
Summary : The Government of Cape Verde signed the Concession Agreement for the Public Service of Passengers and Cargo Shipping (SPTMII), a priority of the Cape Verdean Executive, with a view to improving the connection among all the islands of the country. For the Minister of Tourism and Transport and Minister of Maritime Economy, Jose da Silva Gonalves, the most important thing is to ensure the movement of passengers and cargo and the unification of the national market. "We have arrived safely."

"For the first time in the history of the existence of this archipelago, at the age of 550, we have guaranteed a profound solution today, to unify the national market in terms of passengers and cargo," Minister Jos da Silva Gonalves told journalists. event, ensuring that a passenger and an interested party in the country from end to end, can ship their goods and merchandise and, you know, with prediction, when arriving at the destination. "This is the great revolution," he says.

Asked by reporters how much the state will fit in with this public / private partnership, the Minister said that "the most important is not what is fitting. It is not the money that is at stake, what is at stake is to ensure the unification of the market. "

Referring to the fact that, containing only one concession, it shows that it is an initial deficit period, but that market unification is a business in which, as provided for in the concession agreement, when the concessionaire enters a surplus phase that is expected to three to five years, according to market execution, what is the positive end result is divided between the concessionaire and the grantor. "We have forecast studies that point in this direction and that is even shared with the nationals, affirms the Minister.

Jos Gonalves also said that after sailing for a year on the seas of public tenders, "we arrived at a safe harbor". That is, he explained, to a very good solution, "a solution to win and win, a solution that even has both expertise, know-how , experience and foreign capital, with the knowledge of the internal market of nationals."

He also assured that the share capital of the concessionaire company will be built by 51% for trans-islands and 49% for national shipowners. That is to say, it points out, a very desirable solution, bearing in mind that at least "in the invitation to tender, the requirement for nationals to participate was 25%, but during the course of the adjustment of the contract it was understood that conditions and openness to arrive at a solution of 51% and 49% which is a solution in which we are very satisfied.