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News Details:
Headline : France : Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) by Dubai Customs
Summary : Bollore Logistics UAE was awarded the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) by Dubai Customs. The award ceremony was held at the Emirates Museum, in Dubai - UAE, in the presence of His Excellency Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director of Dubai Customs.

Being AEO Certified under the UAE federal program, enables recognition as a trusted operators for Bollor Logistics UAE and earns many exclusive benefits for the organization with local customs authorities.

Dubai Customs Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) signed with other countries will further elevate these benefits beyond the local boundaries for smoother customs processing between these respective countries.

"Today, Bollor Logistics LLC has passed another rewarding milestone in the UAE becoming one of very few distinguished Authorized Economic Operators in the Middle East. Whilst we are already an IMS (Integrated Management System) certified organization, we encountered exceptional support from the UAE authorities and their external auditors guiding us to enhance and strengthen some of our processes to achieve this globally recognized accreditation. We look forward to enhancing our customers supply chain experience being in a privileged position to fast-track their goods through UAE borders", declared Marc Doherty, Deputy Country Manager of Bollor Logistics UAE.

Among other advantages, this certification will allow Bollor Logistics UAE to guaranty the following extended benefits to its customers:

Facilitation of faster trade and movements for all our customers by having reduced customs and security inspection,
Reduce the need to maintain a high amount of data and customs related documentation for our customers,
Improved security and communications between certified supply chain partners thus enhancing compliance levels to meet the AEO accreditation norms,
Improved inventory management and service levels to all customers.
Regarding the AEO certification process, Sisira KULARATNE, Regional QHSE Manager Middle East South Asia, commented: "It helped further strengthening Bollor Logistics internal security procedures, enhanced Human Resources recruitment and screening procedures, and most importantly administered rigorous Risk Assessment and mitigation of procedures in safety and security features of Cargo, premises and the entire supply chain. It was a great learning experience and we have gained considerably in strengthening our internal customs processes through this journey."