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News Details:
Headline : Philippines : MinDA urges govt to prioritize Mindanao infra
Summary : An official of the Mindanao Development Authority is urging the government to prioritize Mindanao infrastructure projects particularly seaports, railway, airports.

MinDA Deputy Executive Director Romeo Montenegro has urged the Department of Transportation to fund the feasibility studies of these projects. He cited the Trans-Mindanao High Speed Railway of which the first phase Tagum-Davao City-Digos segment is now undergoing Road Right of Way acquisitions.

He said financing for the feasibility studies of the other railway segments must be started rather than wait for a railway segment to be completed.

The Trans-Mindanao High Speed Railway involves 2,500 kilometer of railway made up of 18 segments.

Aside from the railways, Montenegro is also calling on the government to prioritize the seaports in Mindanao. He said that the cargo capacity of the seaports is already beyond capacity.

We have the statistics to prove the saturation and the increase in economic activity, Montenegro describes the urgency of the projects.

Aside from transportation and logistics infrastructure, Montenegro also hopes that there would be investments on power generation facilities in Mindanao as to prevent another power crisis from happening.

He bared that based on records from the Davao City local government, there are 40 applications for 20-storey buildings in Davao City.

Montenegro said a single 20-storey high-rise will consume about five to six megawatts of electricity. He said these power demand from new towers will eat the excess supply of power which the Mindanao Grid is currently enjoying.

Mindanaos rising economy which is expected to hit 7 to 8% growth this year will lead to higher demand for power.