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Headline : Russian Federation : Resident of the free port is preparing to launch the assembly line of heavy tipper bodies
Summary : The production company Yubo-Sumotori has completed the commissioning of a line for the assembly of heavy dump bodies adapted to the working conditions in the Far East.

Initially, within the framework of the investment agreement concluded with Far Eastern Development Corporation JSC in November 2016, the resident of the PWV assumed obligations to create in the Primorsky Krai the production of cargo equipment of the Chinese FAW brand from imported parts from China and further distribution. A joint project of the Sumotori Primorsky Group of Companies and the Chinese investor Yubo-Automotive, which is characterized by low capital expenditures, was launched in the city of Artyom last year. To date, under a license from a certified manufacturer, PK Yubo-Sumotori has produced over 200 dump trucks that are shipped to different regions of Russia, and has begun the next phase of the project deeper localization and assembly of large automotive parts for FAW trucks.

A new line was installed in the assembly shop, which allows modifying the standard body model to the requirements of customers, said Konstantin Gurkovich, deputy director of the Russian-Chinese enterprise. - The conveyor with a capacity of up to 30 bodies per month includes seven stages of production - from high-quality sheet steel panels to finished products. It takes into account the specifics of the appointment of equipment for solid rocks and other heavy loads. By production, a heating system is additionally built into the body, special attention is paid to the reliability of the connections and hydraulics.

The next stage of the project implementation will allow Yubo-Sumotori PC to increase the scope of work and accelerate the production of heavy equipment designed for highly maneuverable work on construction sites and in demand in the Far East, where many projects of TOR and SPV residents are under active construction. FAW trucks can be seen today at the sites of the Zvezda plant, the Vladivostok-Nakhodka-Vostochny port road under construction, and the coal mines of Luchegorsky and Poltava. These companies are interested in large companies in Siberia, the Urals, as well as in China, and the resident SPV is ready to expand distribution.

Previously, similar equipment was purchased abroad and resold in the territory of Russian regions, now it is being assembled in Primorye, said Vitaly Verkeenko, chairman of the board of directors of the Primorye Sumotori group of companies. - Our project is being implemented in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to support the development of the automotive industry in the Far East. At the same time, it is important that the requirements for the level of localization are commensurate with the production volumes of investors and take into account the interests of small and medium businesses. Reducing this threshold for SMEs will be a major support for the development of production in the region and the saturation of the domestic market with domestic equipment.

Denis Tikhonov, General Director of the Far East Development Corporation JSC, noted earlier that the same tax and administrative privileges apply for residents of TOR and SPV: the total amount of insurance contributions for 10 years has been reduced to 7.6%, tax preferences for land, profits, property free customs zone, the possibility of attracting foreign labor without quotas, diverse administrative support.