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News Details:
Headline : United Kingdom : FTA takes international stage in Brexit planning
Summary : James Hookham, Deputy Chief Executive of the Freight Transport Association (FTA), the only business group representing all of logistics, took to the international stage in Düsseldorf, Germany, last week (31 October 2018) to share the organisation’s expertise on Brexit and to advise companies on how to minimise Brexit’s disruption to EU-UK supply chain flows at the 3PL & Supply Chain Summit.

Speaking at the 3PL and Supply Chain Summit, he said: “FTA has established an international reputation for its expertise in Brexit preparation. As the only business group representing all of logistics, we’re uniquely positioned to advise companies on how to minimise supply chain disruption at a time of unprecedented political uncertainty. We’re committed to helping logistics businesses prepare for any eventuality and I’m thrilled to present at 3PL & Supply Chain Summit – the leading event for supply chain and logistics executives – and we will continue to share our knowledge and insight at events across Europe.

“FTA is widely recognised as the preeminent group standing up for the logistics sector; we campaign tirelessly for a Brexit withdrawal agreement that represents the interests of the industry.”

James Hookham spoke at two opening keynotes at 3PL & Supply Chain Summit: EU, Brexit, eCommerce planning and cross-border impacts – Preparing your supply chain for a multitude of possibilities and De-risking Brexit: Strategies to minimise disruption to EU-UK supply chain flows. And, as he commented afterwards, an efficient supply chain depends on seamless flows of traffic in both directions:

“There are two sides to every border, something which has often been overlooked in the political bargaining of recent months. It is just as important that goods and services continue to flow freely to the Continent after Brexit as those moving into the UK and the Summit gave FTA a great platform from which to advise and educate international hauliers and shippers about the potential disruption to come, and how to avoid it.