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News Details:
Headline : Russian Federation : Renault came up with a drone to deliver goods
Summary : The company Renault has presented a conceptual solution to the problem of delivering the "last mile". This is the EZ-PRO platform, consisting of the leading autonomous and unmanned slave robocapsules. This company sees a park of logistics operators and courier services in the future.

The head capsule will be equipped with a passenger compartment, access to which is possible through the door in front of the drones. There will be a "concierge" responsible for planning the route, monitoring the delivery time and servicing the fleet of modular robots. In addition, it can deliver fragile items or food. Renault believes that the full automation of logistics processes in the foreseeable future will not happen, so they still put the person in the center of transport activity.

The fleet of drones can move together, forming columns, and independently from each other. The peculiarity of its concept Renault calls the wide possibilities of transforming the cargo compartment of robocapsules and "sharing" - the use of unmanned vehicles, united by a single logistics center, to perform various tasks. In addition, the concept suggests that recipients will be able to track the location of the parcel using a smartphone, as well as choose, take it away from the hands of a "concierge" or a storage room in a drone.

Previously, Mercedes-Benz introduced a similar concept for a future unmanned van named Vision Urbanetic . The prototype is a platform with an electric power unit and an artificial intelligence module, on which a cargo or passenger module can be installed.