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News Details:
Headline : Russian Federation : UPS Express Service will build its own electric vans
Summary : United Parcel Service (UPS), specializing in express delivery and logistics, together with the technology company Arrival, is working on the creation of a fleet of electric vehicles for courier service. According to preliminary information, the first 35 vehicles will be used in Paris and London before the end of this year.

The companies do not yet disclose all the technical details. It is known only that the van body will be made of lightweight composite, and on one charge it will be able to pass up to 240 kilometers. In addition, it is stressed that Arrival - the first manufacturer in Europe, which is engaged in the construction of electrical machines to specification UPS.

Courier electric vans will be equipped with an expanded set of electronic assistants that "will increase safety and reduce driver fatigue". Probably, it is a question of any variant of semi-autonomous control. Last December, UPS placed the largest order for Tesla electric trucks . The company ordered 125 cars, each of which costs a minimum of 150 thousand dollars.